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Last Call Theatre Presents The Harvest

By Last Call Theatre (other events)

9 Dates Through Dec 16, 2023

Welcome to the town of Windsor Grove. For 100 years, the town has been isolated from the rest of the world - until now. In honor of the 100th Annual Harvest Festival, the town invites you to enter the festivities and join them in celebrating the eradication of magic within the community.

But more than just the winter chill is creeping in, as whispers abound that magic may still be lurking within the shadows of this seemingly peaceful town. Will you return magic to Windsor Grove at any cost? Or will you work to erase it forever? The choice is yours.

In Last Call Theatre's The Harvest, every performance will be totally unique based on the audience's choices. With over 50 quests and multiple branching pathways, The Harvest will change night after night.

The Harvest previews Saturday, December 2nd and runs Thursdays-Saturdays December 7th - 16th.

Friday, Dec. 8th & Friday, Dec. 15th are our 21+ Adults Only Nights. Alcoholic drinks will be available for purchases these two nights only. All proceeds from the bar will support the Immersive Art Collective, whose mission is to provide a safe space for expression, encourage healing, supply skills to foster careers in the arts industry, and provide FREE arts education to underserved communities & youth.

*Please see below for more info on content advisories.

The Cast:

  • Brit Baltazar: Isaac (& Abigail Swing)
  • Rena Bobbs: Abigail
  • Vicente De Saintignon: Father Gabriel
  • Preston Grant: Mayor Corey
  • Kale Hinthorn: Martha
  • Hiro Korsgaard: The Influence
  • Darica Louie: Violet
  • Ronen Rinzler: Eliza
  • Elena Scaringe-Peene: Robin
  • Evan Wank: Auggie
  • Suzie Hicks: Eliza/Isaac/Robin Swing
  • Kenneth Lester: Mayor Corey/Father Gabriel Swing
  • Heather Muriel Nguyễn: Martha/Violet/The Influence Swing

Production Team:

  • Creative Lead: Elena Scaringe-Peene
  • Director/Associate Producer: Riley Cole
  • Producers: Ashley Busenlener & Jacob Zorehkey
  • Associate Creative Lead/Casting Director: Brit Baltazar
  • Casting Director/Narrative Ambassador: Elizabeth Kelly
  • Stage Manager: Erik Olsen
  • Stage Manager/EDIA Coordinator: Audra Magness
  • Costume Designer: Kale Hinthorn
  • Prop/Set Designer: Zoya Navqi
  • Sound Designer: M. Glenn Schuster
  • Narrative Team: Brit Baltazar, Blaire Battle, Kale Hinthorn, Elizabeth Kelly & Elena Scaringe-Peene

About Last Call Theatre: Last Call Theatre is an LA-based immersive theatre company that specializes in creating highly interactive and engaging worlds for audiences to explore. Last Call productions give the audience the agency to affect the world around them, with every individual’s choices having a lasting impact on the narrative. Audiences become a part of the story, making every performance unique. Productions include the winner of the LA Theatre Bites 2023 Best Immersive Show The Collective at the 2023 Hollywood Fringe Festival, The ShowroomAbandoned, and Signals at the 2022 Hollywood Fringe Festival.

More info:

Instagram: @lastcalltheatre

TikTok: @lastcalltheatre


*The Harvest is a 2-hour immersive & interactive experience. While some seating is available, we advise you to wear comfortable shoes and expect to be on your feet walking around for the duration of the experience. The venue is two stories and the second floor is only accessible via stairs.

*Content Advisories: This experience includes simulated murder/violence, fake blood, mentions of death of a friend/family member, and mentions of religion and witchcraft.

*Epilepsy warning: flashing lights are used in select scenes.

*The Harvest is recommended for those 13+ (Please note that our two "Adults Only" Nights are 21+ due to alcohol being available for purchase.)